University Partners

In recent years the development of international cooperation is one of the priorities of Southwest State University. The aim of the University is to expand the professional development of teachers in the leading world universities, to activate the scientific cooperation with foreign colleagues, to strengthen the business relations of the University with foreign and international companies and organizations, to expand the range and scope of educational services and to activate the process of students and teachers exchange.


To date the University cooperates with more than 70 foreign universities and research organizations. In 2012 the work was carried out within the framework of earlier concluded contracts of academic, scientific, technical and cultural cooperation with universities and educational institutions in Bulgaria, Italy, Austria, Finland, Peru, Ecuador, China, etc. Most of the contracts involve an intense exchange as in education and in scientific fields, as some of them are mainly focused on the implementation of joint academic exchange programs, up to dual degree programs.


In 2012 many cooperation agreements were signed with more than 15 foreign universities, such as Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, the United States, Jordan and others (Corvinus University, Institute of Burgenland, Zarqa University, Institute of Genetics and Plant Physiology (Moldova).


SWSU collaborates with High School of Economics and Culture (Germany), the Association "Partners in cultural exchanges" (USA), the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Peru, the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the National Council for Higher Education of Ecuador, the Association of Serbian-Russian Friendship and etc.


In 2012 Southwest State University continued its cooperation with the universities of Ukraine and Belarus within the framework of the Association of Universities of border areas by existing projects, concluded agreements with Zaporizhzhya National Technical University, Sumy State University (in the field of industry and nano-materials), BSU.


To promote cooperation and to increase the recruitment of foreigners to study in SWSU, the University staff has visited the Embassy of India, Myanmar and the USA.